• Courses Available

    Unique Computer Institute provides following certified courses to the students:

    University NameCourseSeatsEligibility
    Makhanlal UniversityPGDCA5012 Passed
    Makhanlal UniversityDCA50Graduate
    Ravishankar UniversityPGDCA2012 Passed
    Ravishankar UniversityDCA20Graduate
    Maharshi UniversityPGDCAUnlimited12 Passed
    Maharshi UniversityDCAUnlimitedGraduate

    Course duration for all the above courses are 12 Months.

    Unique also offer various Certified courses for the programming langauges,Hardware & Networking course.

    • C & C++
    • Visual Basic
    • HTML
    • Java
    • Networking & Hardware Certification
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  • Admission Start Mats University 2017-18
    B.A. ( Hindi, English), BBA, BBM, B.Com, BCA, B.SC.CS, M.A. Education, M.A. (Hindi, English), MBA, M.Com, MCA, M.SC.CS, PGDCA
  • Admission start PT. Sundar Lal Sharma All Courses cont. 7509401010

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